50 Apartments - Jersey City, New Jersey/span>

The re-devlopment of 8 Erie Street is proposed as a contextually responsive re-insertion into the existing city block. The residential building is as high-end as need be without drawing undue attention or inciting unnecessarily extravagent architectural maneuvers. Taking literal cues from existing horizontal alignments, plan forms, volumes and the existing material pallette, this project completes the block while respecting the history and character of the place..

The re-development of 8 Erie Street proposes a cohesive program that unites the available plots into a single project embedded in the current structure of the city block. The existing building at the corner of Erie Street and Bay Street is transformed into a U-shaped plan of apartments facing outward toward the street. This U-shape is then copied with rotational symmetry onto the north site facing First Street. A single leg of a third implied U is projected back toward Bay Street to accomodate the vehicular access to the below grade parking

A vertical circulation core is located at the point where the apartment U-shapes almost touch, in the middle of the block. From this core a spine of interior and/or exterior corridors extend laterally with occasional spurs that link to the apartment units. If in the future there is occasion to do so, the circulation spine may be extended to pick up additional properties.

50 units are provided in various sizes, configurations and locations. This healthy and controlled diversity should allow for differentiating values to be attached to each of the units. For instance the studios looking onto the courtyard may or may not be more desireable than the 1 bedroom unit looking onto the street.

Various types of green spaces are provided with appropriately suited levels of privacy. The public pedestrian enjoys the covered outdoor space of the retail zone along Erie street. A large portion of land is left unbuilt and landscaped as outdoor circulation for the residential users. Two generous landscaped courtyards are provided to the residents and a sprawling roof deck with pool is provided for pleasure and retreat.

The project calls for the appropriate contextual material of choice, brick, combined with a contemporary fabrication method in order to achieve a unique solution that both fits into the context and subtly stands out. Horizontally corbelled brick is applied as an additional ornament to the weather-tight enclosure. The effect is that of subtle movement as the sun and pedestrian pass along the face of the building. Prefabricated panels of the entire assembly could be constructed in an efficient and sustainable factory environment and hung on the frame of the building, as in a typical curtain-wall situation

1) This project was conceived and completed with Jayne Kang..
2) This project was submitted as an RFP competition entry to Silverman Building for 8 Erie Street in Jersey City, NJ.

Land Use Diagrams Circulation and Expansion Diagrams Site Plan Building Massing First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan
Third Floor Plan Fourth Floor Plan Roof Floor Plan Elevations of Existing Building View of Existing Building with Design Modifications Elevations of New Building Prefabricated Brick Panels View of Brick Panels on Facade