Four House Shapes Rotate in One Dimension

The ubiquity of the simple gable frame in traditional housing fostered its' wide acceptance as the modus-operandus of the surburban gestalt. Citing economy of construction, social accepance, AND THE irrevocable signifier of a family dwelling, this shape became the default form for millions of dwellers throughout the world. Modern movements all but eliminated the blatant expression and reference of historical type, and thus the idealized horizontal plane became the go-to for architects... and not just in housing. Even and especially today many contemporary single family housing projects are forcibly making a claim against the traditional pitched roof, either providing cubic volumes, minor slopes disguised as flat roofs. or pitching all surface including "walls" in order to disguise the necessity of pitching any... after all, the rain must drain.

This project restates the operational capacity of the gable frame by relying on the tropes of traditional expression and simultaneously disrepecting the frames desire to stand alone. Four absolutely regular horizontally extruded gable frame houses are pivoted against each other so that their volumes and planes interesect. The manner in which this is accomplised allows - paradoxically - for both the continual presence of a gable shape and for that shapes utter lack of importance when its' singularity is compared agaisnt the whole of the effect produced by the presence of so many siblings. One house inside another with another peering in. One house jumps past its' neighbor into another by passing through the same neighbor. Inside and outside are utterly confused. Walls and roofs are mislabeled and misread. The ridge is continuous, the valleys fall away. And best of all?.. the rain drains.

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