Brasilia: Expansion of the Infinitely Thin

A response to the geometric and cultural context of Brasilia today, the project emerges (or rather SUBmerges) contorted and delaminated grounds providing the establishment of new adjacencies. Logics of rotational geometry as explored in the previous research are deployed expanding both the infinitely thin plane of the ground and the insurmountable, thus conceptually also thin, distance between monuments. The expansion opens up specifically framed moments of programmable space, connects distant objects and plazas previously dislocated from each other, AND retains the visual connections already in place. Residing precisely at the true center of the city, the rotation of fundamental axis' is a catalyst for an authentic experience of the city. The sub-surface project takes on the role of a new type of anti-monument. Its' deep significance lies in the surprise of its' existence as one moves toward, past and eventually through it while warping surfaces are constantly forming new horizons and visual frames for the existing architecture.

Primarily this newly framed ground acts as an informal futbol stadium, where 30,000 fans, complete with their insatiable noise and color, inhabit the space of the infinitely thin. Submerged from the dictatorship of a successful master-plan, the project is at once a monument to the voice of collective dissent and an anti-monument to the successful preservation of that which beautifully exists.

Exterior View Interior View Brasilia's Monumental Axis Axis Tranformations